Specific in Wings Expert

Specific in Wings Expert

In addition to the possibilities of Wings Enterprise, Wings Expert has a number of specific supplements.

  • via the expert mode, the following declarations can be prepared jointly for a number of selected files, and the control files are re-entered: 
    • VAT declaration via INTERVAT
    • VAT listings via VATLIST
    • Quarterly listings via VATINTRA
    • commission lists via BELCOTAX
  • automatic VAT reporting to customers, whereby the latter receive the report of the amount to be paid or reimbursed via e-mail or letter. For the quarterly declarants, the advances to be paid are also communicated.
  • or preparation of the VAT listing there is a joint printout of the unknown VAT numbers
  • in the file overview you can indicate which declarations must be submitted for each file:
    • VAT declaration
    • VAT listing
    • Quarterly listing
    • commission lists
  • in the same overview you can indicate for which files the declarations must be proposed via the global expert mode
  • investment deduction list
  • reporting tool via an integrated spreadsheet model
    • supports general, analytic and budgetary accounting
    • various standard reports available
    • integrated functions fully grafted onto the underlying accounting
    • as desired, reports are kept for all files simultaneously, or specifically per file

      Examples of reports include cash-flow reports, internal annual accounts according to own layout, ...

Wings Expert can also be extended with the fixed amounts module. The calculation sheets for the various fixed amount systems are adapted annually in accordance with the statutory requirements.

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